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With over 100 years of combined insurance and risk management experience, the Harris Insurance team is comprised of a diverse group of individuals. We pride ourselves on exceeding customer expectations while continuing our “Legacy of Quality Service.”

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The modern day business environment is ever-changing. The insurance Broker you select should be adaptable and scalable to your changing needs. Rather than trying to serve all industry segments, Harris Insurance has developed specialization in select, specific industries. This focus has propelled our experience within these industries and has enabled us to create an unparalleled insurance expertise.

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The construction industry is very diverse and specialized. Contractors, professional service providers, and suppliers are all attempting to assume or shift the risk of their respective operations via contractual language and insurance requirements. Many contractors do not realize the extent of their exposure to loss or risk until they have been involved in a lawsuit or significant claim.

Construction insurance is also very specialized. The insurance policy language, exclusions, and endorsements are distinct. The ways the policies are rated, the audit provisions, and the various types of deductibles and SIRs are all elements that should be understood. Considering insurance policies that are not designed to meet the ongoing needs of the construction industry is a gamble you should not be willing to take.

The Harris Insurance team has been involved in providing construction insurance to the construction industry since the 1970’s. Whether it is a General Liability, Builders Risk, Contractors Equipment, Commercial Auto, Pollution Liability, or Workers’ Compensation policy, Harris Insurance has the expertise to tackle the needs of contractors and other industry professionals. Let our long-term, industry focus translate into the instant, value-added expertise you deserve. Our proprietary, construction insurance comparison process will allow you to make the best overall coverage and service offering decisions. We believe that Informed decision making is the best way to make important decisions.

Engineers, Architects, Attorneys, Accountants, Physicians, and Consultants are professionals that operate with high levels of autonomy and are held to the highest of standards. The business climate for professionals is ever-changing, as is their scope of responsibility. Many professionals are being forced to practice from a position of defense in order to be prepared for adverse outcomes. No professional is completely insulated from a lawsuit even with the best risk management protocols and processes.

Errors & Omissions (E&O) liability is a tailor-made insurance for professionals. The coverage is designed to defend professionals against suits relating to negligence or alleged performance failure. Although all professionals should maintain some form of liability for the services they render, not all coverage is created equal. Errors & Omissions policies vary greatly from provider to provider and many of the provisions and conditions contained in the policies are specific. As there is no standardized policy form in the marketplace, it is especially important for professionals purchasing E&O coverage to thoroughly understand the policy being purchased.

The Harris Insurance team is committed to providing the best-fitting and most competitive Errors & Omissions (E&O) solutions to professionals. From owner-only operations to firms with hundreds of professionals, let our expertise and market knowledge demonstrate why our professional retention is 99%. Our in-depth review process ensures that you receive multiple options and a standardized method for comparative review.

Are my employees covered when they run an errand for the business in their personal vehicle? How much liability insurance do I need? If my employee is in a car accident while driving to lunch, are they covered? These are all common questions that many business owners have had at some point. The question that should be asked is how do I know if I have the right insurance for my business? With so many business types, industries, segments, and sizes, how do you know what you need? Unfortunately, there is not a one-size-fits-all answer for business when it comes to purchasing insurance.

There is however a number of insurance products that can be assembled, by the right insurance Broker, to fit the needs of most businesses. Whether you are a manufacturer, auto service facility, retail operation, or anything in between, having the right insurance should be a priority and a significant part of your business succession planning. The Harris Insurance team has direct relationships with insurance companies that understand and underwrite insurance products for general industry business. Our distinct tools will allow you to evaluate multiple quotations and ultimately make the best, overall decisions based on your needs. Don’t take chances with the survival of your business after a loss, know that you have made the right decisions up front. Let Harris Insurance provide the service and expertise you deserve.

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Businesses need specialized insurance that is designed to help them contain and transfer the risks that are inherent to their business. Learn more about our commercial insurance services.

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Harris Insurance has a legacy that dates back to the 1970s, providing comprehensive coverage to businesses and individuals all over the state of Nevada. Learn more about our health insurance options.

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Harris Insurance is your ideal source for customized Nevada personal insurance packages to cover every aspect of your daily life. Learn more about our personal insurance packages.

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Risk management is the means by which businesses analyze, identify, mitigate and accept the uncertainty in their investment and business decisions. Learn more about our risk management services.

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When you’re in the construction industry, there is absolutely no aspect of your business that’s more important than surety and bonding services. Learn more about surety bonding.