What Insurance Do I Need As A Contractor
February 21, 2024

Most insurance products sold are specialized and cover specific exposures, products, property, or people. The contracting industry is also specialized and…

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5 Risks You Face If You Have an Online Business
February 20, 2024

New business owners may not be aware of all of the risks involved when it comes to starting an online business…

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Essential Guide to Employee Dishonesty Coverage for Businesses
February 14, 2024

In today’s business landscape, employee dishonesty poses a significant yet often unseen threat. Our “Essential Guide to Employee Dishonesty Coverage for…

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two wooden houses with wooden neighbors inside
Who Pays if My Contractor Damages My Neighbor’s Home?
February 2, 2023

It’s an interesting question. If, while working on your home, the contractor you hire inadvertently damages your neighbor’s home, who is…

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smiling business owner showing chalkboard with open sign
Does Your Business Need Professional Liability Insurance?
July 18, 2022

What is Liability Insurance? What will it Protect? Starting a business includes a host of considerations, with insurance at the top…

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