Insurance Services

Commercial Insurance

Businesses need specialized insurance that is designed to help them contain and transfer the risks that are inherent to their business. These risks and exposures are sometimes obvious, but more commonly not as apparent. Harris Insurance is a specialist provider of commercial insurance products and services for businesses

Health Insurance

Harris Insurance has a legacy that dates back to the 1970s, providing comprehensive coverage to businesses and individuals all over the state of Nevada. We have been a private business as well as part of a large agency, and we know all aspects of the evolving health insurance landscape. We can provide not just longevity, but decades of experience and expertise in the sale and administration of group benefits programs to businesses.

Personal Insurance

When it comes to personal insurance, you could simply log onto someone’s website and grab whatever catch-all package they provide, or you could talk to an independent professional who cares about your personal needs and is here to help build a package that’s precisely tailored to your needs. Harris Insurance is your ideal source for customized Nevada personal insurance packages to cover every aspect of your daily life.


When you’re in the construction industry, there is absolutely no aspect of your business that’s more important than surety and bonding services. This kind of coverage is at the very core of your business. Having proper surety and bonding for your company doesn’t just give your clients peace of mind, it actually gives you the ability to meet the contractual requirements to bid on jobs.

Risk Management

Risk management is the means by which businesses analyze, identify, mitigate and accept the uncertainty in their investment and business decisions. Any time you make a decision or take a step that involves the potential for loss, you need to understand those losses and do what you need to do in order to make sure that any loss you suffer is as minimal as possible.


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