woman holding house model over document contract
Does Homeowners Insurance Cover Moving?
November 29, 2021

When you’re moving, you likely have a lot of belongings that are going with you to your new home. It’s important…

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contractor man with pain in shoulder
Who is Liable if a Contractor is Injured at Your Home?
November 22, 2021

Hiring a contractor to work on your home is a normal part of being a homeowner. You might be fixing a…

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illustration of woman analyzing financial line graphic
What Are Insurance Market Cycles? Soft vs. Hard Markets
July 1, 2021

All industries usually experience cycles of expansion and contraction, and this is particularly true for the insurance industry. Although cycles are…

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yellow wet floor sign
When Is A Wet Floor Sign Legally Required By Law?
June 28, 2021

A wet floor is an everyday hazard that we see every day. It might be caused by a spill, or recent…

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man wearing black denim hammer on holster pants carrying
Who Is Responsible If Your Contractor Damages Your Home?
May 12, 2021

You had a contractor in to do some work, and they started a small fire which damaged your basement. Or they…

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