The Harris Insurance Advantage

The Harris Insurance Advantage

Let’s face it, unless you are purchasing commodities or products with the same model numbers, it can often be difficult to make accurate comparisons. We have all seen or heard the insurance commercials that promise the lowest premiums, vanishing deductibles, or impeccable claims handling, but how many people do you actually know that are truly satisfied with their insurance company, Broker or Agency?

Since insurance policies are intangible products, how do you know you are receiving what you’ve been sold and most importantly how does your coverage fit your needs? Do you understand how your coverage responds in the event of a loss?

The fact is that most consumers, business owners, and executives have not taken the time to thoroughly review and compare the insurance policies they purchase. Who has the time (or experience) to compare multiple policies from different insurance companies that can easily range from 50 – 500 pages each? Let’s not forget, most people are so focused on comparing the premium, that they forget to ask the really important questions relating to the coverage.

As an Independent, privately-held, insurance agency, our primary interest is the client. Harris Insurance has built a solid foundation on professionalism, integrity, competitiveness, and transparency. These key attributes are the foundation of The Harris Insurance Advantage.

As there is no one-size-fits-all comparison available with most insurance products, the right Broker can provide the right resources that make it possible for the client to evaluate options and ultimately make the most informed decisions. Harris Insurance is that Broker.

Next time you are contemplating having insurance quoted or reviewed for your business, let Harris Insurance demonstrate how this process should work.


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