2017 is upon us, and with it comes a new president who may be one of the most controversial in history. With a Republican-controlled Congress backing him, one of the first stated goals of the new administration is to heavily reform healthcare. Only a few years after the Affordable Care Act came into being, we might be facing major changes again on the healthcare horizon.

These coming changes could be for the better or for the worse. Explore the potential stakes for Nevada citizens with possible changes in healthcare for 2017 under the new administration, and what it means for you.

Changes in Healthcare for 2017

The truth is, nobody knows exactly what’s going to happen with healthcare. The only thing that’s certain is that there will be changes in healthcare for 2017. The new administration has pledged not to simply eradicate the ACA, but to replace it with a better system.

Many people are panicking at the idea, saying that healthcare has made advancements that will be wiped out. Others are saying that the ACA has made things worse. It’s hard to say, but here are the possibilities.

The Potential Bad

On the down-side, many people are afraid that up to 371,000 people in Nevada could stand to lose health coverage, the state might lose up to $16 billion in federal healthcare assistance, which would wipe out the aid provided to over 70,000 residents who cannot afford healthcare. In total, some people estimate, over 185,000 people could lose healthcare, and Medicare could be nearly wiped out.

There is fear that the new administration will wipe out gains like the guarantee for coverage of those with pre-existing conditions, the expansion of coverage to age 25 for those living with their parents, and mental health coverage.

The Not-So-Bad

On the other side of the equation, there are those who point out that a great many people who are technically insured under the ACA cannot afford to use their insurance; the coverage they get is minimal at best, and their deductibles unimaginably high. This has extended to those who get insurance through their employers, with many being shifted to high deductible plans without prescription drug coverage.

Under the ACA, plan premiums have skyrocketed instead of being driven down, with many paying double or more for plans they had before the law took effect. Changes to this law could be affected, they say, which can drive down costs for everyone, making healthcare truly affordable without the need for billions in federal subsidies.

The incoming administration has pledged to keep many of the aspects of the ACA that are so important, like pre-existing healthcare, expanded age coverage and care for the mentally ill.

Las Vegas Personal Insurance Providers

What will happen in the future? It’s really impossible to say. The only thing that is absolutely sure is that there are coming changes in healthcare for 2017. The best thing people can do right now is take advantage of the resources you have and work with an insurance agency like Harris Insurance. For more information on what’s coming down the pike and how we can help, give us a call today.