So What’s Changing in Healthcare

With the new administration, the one question that’s on everyone’s mind is, “what’s changing in healthcare?” There’s so much propaganda and disinformation all around that it’s contributing to something of a culture of fear that, at this point in time, isn’t really necessary.

Is it true that the Republicans want to get rid of the ACA? Partially, but not entirely. Is it true that everyone in the nation is poised to lose their healthcare? Not really. Is it true that the ACA is an unmitigated disaster that needs to be removed? Again, it’s not quite that simple. Explore the state of health insurance in 2017, what changes are on the horizon for the average American, and how a good insurance company can help sort it out

Health Insurance in 2017

First things first: right now, this year, you are not in danger of losing your healthcare under the ACA. There are plans being developed to overhaul the system — the core of the Republican “repeal and replace” mantra — but these are nowhere near ready to go yet. In addition, if and when they do get passed, it’ll likely be at least a couple of years before the changes completely take effect.

Congress was unable to pass their attempt to replace the ACA, so as it sits, which led President Trump to declare that for the time being, the ACA is going to remain as it is. Despite the propaganda that’s out there about what the current administration is going to do to healthcare, don’t worry. Your plan under the ACA is safe for now.

The Goal for Healthcare

The GOP isn’t out to rob anyone of their healthcare, though the jury remains out on what the final result of their plan will be. Currently, the four important goals of the current administration are:

●     Create tax credits for older Americans, which would be funded by a $75 billion reserve fund;

●     Overhaul of Medicare to allow for block grants;

●     The removal of taxes that solely penalize the wealthy;

●     A number of specific line items designed to garner votes, including elements to lighten the Medicaid burden on individual counties in New York.

However, it should also be noted that this approach is just the start of the new effort, and House Speaker Paul Ryan has been pretty clear that there’s still a long way to go before a workable plan will be developed that’s acceptable all around.

The Future of Healthcare

In the end, everyone realizes that healthcare is important to the United States, and the political maneuvering is largely business as usual in Washington. Your healthcare is safe. If you do have any questions about healthcare laws or how you can improve your current plan, Harris Insurance is here to help.

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